Business Intelligence Services

Business Intelligence (BI) enables businesses and other organisations to be more competitive, more efficient and more productive, by placing the data you need in the hands of your staff.

All organisations produce large amounts of data. However, not all organisations manage their data well. Poorly managed data may be distributed in numerous Excel spreadsheets or various databases. The databases may even be incompatible with each other, making it even harder to access and manipulate the data.

Wallingwells Consulting is here to guide you through the process of cleaning up your data and making it work for you.

Data Migration

Having data stored in multiple different locations - spreadsheets, databases, filing cabinets - will mean that your business does not have full and easy access to the data. Consequently, the data cannot be used to make informed business decisions or to be able to see where the business is performing well or badly.

Using the power of Microsoft SQL Server and its powerful tools, we are able to help you centralise or combine your existing data so that it is accessible to your staff. Our data migration services can take different forms, depending upon what you are attempting to achieve to improve your business's data health. Typical scenarios we have helped organisations with include:

  • The implementation of a new ERP system
  • The migration of existing data to a new centralised SQL Server database
  • The creation of a staging database to communicate with legacy systems


Your data can give you insights into your business which will allow you to make the best decisions. Good data reporting is key to giving you and your staff access to the information you need to be the most competitive and productive organisation in your sector.

Wallingwells Consulting use tools such as SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), Crystal Reports, Qlikview and Excel to create dynamic and informative reports and dashboards.

Good reporting will enable you to make informed decisions using historic and projected data which can then be used to support your decisions for:

  • Real-time visibility of your business
  • Access to key business metrics
  • Winning competitive tenders